Many people enter therapy in mid-life for example, despite having had successful careers and intimate relationships, because of a sense of not feeling happy about their journey and where they are going. Most often this manifests as depression without an obvious cause, or marital conflicts or difficult peer-relationships at work. Of course, some people will have had traumatic childhoods or experienced significant abuse and thus may have always struggled to trust others and find fulfilment or make close relationships.

An initial telephone consultation is offered without cost as a preliminary exploration and screening tool to get an idea of how we can help and what is the right approach for you, be that therapy or through a referral elsewhere and/or in perhaps suggesting an alternative approach if relational therapy is not the best option.

Getting Help & Support

This meeting ought to be a helpful and supportive experience and not a traumatising encounter. You should get some idea of your difficulties in achieving what you want for your relationships and life and some sort of analytic formulation that makes sense to you.

For how long?

At this initial meeting you will be able to consider whether or not psychoanalytic therapy is right for you. The approximate length of time you will need to attend will also be considered.

If Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is not the right option, other options will be explored in conjunction with the therapist at this initial session.

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First Meeting

This will be arranged at a mutually convenient time and give you an opportunity to meet the therapist without any commitment other than the fee for the initial assessment.


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