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We live in a society where we want a quick fix to most of our problems, be that drugs or mind - altering and shorter cognitive therapies.
Yet, relationship difficulties often have longer-term roots stemming from early childhood patterns or relationships with significant people in our lives, including parents, siblings and partners. Therapy can offer an opportunity to build a secure relationship anew and to deal with anything that is holding you back, you may begin to see the world through a new lens. I work alongside clients and see that we are joint partners in any therapy experience . My aim is not to keep you in therapy but to allow you to set the pace.
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Paola works with

  • Relationship difficulties and issues with intimacy.
  • Feelings of loneliness and depression.
  • Eating disorders and body - image problems.
  • Post-traumatic stress, for example following a rape or assault or abuse in childhood.
  • Poor self - esteem and anxiety.
  • Trauma
  • Bereavement
  • Childhood abuse and neglect, adoption or institutional care, including boarding school.

Confidential, Private Setting

Paola provides a confidential and private setting which helps to facilitate a process whereby unconscious patterns of the person’s inner world are reflected in the relationship with the therapist. Therapy can be brief, long-term or short-term, depending on individual needs. Psychotherapists must be honest and self- reflective about their own weaknesses and areas for growth in this process, we also have an unconscious

Supervision and Training

Training for Psychotherapists and Counseling and Clinical Psychologists who require clinical and/or research supervision.

Common types of Therapy

Intimacy and Counselling for Couples

Keeping desire alive is a common difficulty in long-term relationships, with many couples leading busy professional lives and navigating childcare responsibilities. One partner suddenly finds intimacy outside of the humdrum of the marriage or co-parenting and has an affair. Affairs happen for many reasons and sometimes can be a way to restore and not just destroy the partnership. Indeed it might be a way to create sufficient difference in couples who have begun to take each other for granted in order to refuel desire.

What attracts us to our partners is often the very thing that makes us eventually drift apart. Psychological marriage is about integrating within that which drew us to the other. If you want to know about your “shadow” think about the person that disturbs you the most, we often project into others what we cannot accept in ourselves . Similarly, we choose partners that embody aspects we admire but are yet to realise in ourselves

Difficulties in Parenting and Counselling for Couples

Feeling guilty about disliking our children or our failure to understand them. Being jealous of our partner’s relationships, including with children. Anxieties about recreating our own childhood patterns with our children.

Young adults

Adolescents commonly feel misunderstood and angry with parents –this is part of the process of separation and transition into adulthood. Jung reflected on the impact on children of the unlived or unfulfilled lives of parents.


including addiction to perfection either in work or personal realms, for example rigid diets or extreme exercise.

What attracts us to our partners is often the very thing that makes us eventually drift apart. Psychological marriage is about integrating within that which drew us to the other.


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